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  1. Capture with confidence
  2. Ingest anywhere
  3. Collaborate online
  4. Edit smarter

Capture with confidence

Attach director & production notes to content for life

  • With each new project, a unique QR code is printed for the media.
  • During capture, use the tablet app to wirelessly synchronise logs to the timecode of the camera.
  • Director & producer notes become meta data in your post production workflow.
Time code based logging, Metadata logging

Ingest anywhere

Make new content immediately available for post production

  • Ingest from your desk. Mediadoq ingests your video at the highest speed to the right workflow without any manual intervention using QR code labels.
  • Meta data are synced with the media files.
  • Ingest direct from Dropbox, Skydrive, Box, & Google Drive
  • Format friendly – P2, XDCam, SxS, Compact Flash, FTP, hard disk and more formats to come.
Ingest system, XDCAM ingest, P2 ingest, SxS ingest, Compact Flash ingest

Collaborate online

With data & content secure, concentrate on creative tasks

  • Low res browse media instantly available in your browser.
  • Allow access, add markers, make subclips collaboratively with your team members and freelancers
Cloud based workflow, Media browsing

Edit smarter

Work with your preferred system - EVS, Quantel and Avid are integrated

  • New Avid tools allow you to manage Avid environments, auto resize Avid ISIS workspaces, monetize Avid ISIS and delegate access management to end-users and producers
AVID ISIS management, AVID ISIS automated resize, AVID usage billing

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Developed by experts

Like you, we live video production. We developed CentralParq at NEP, one of the worlds most innovative live post-production companies.

So whatever you decide is the best camera, the best editing software, the best automation software for playout, the smartest archiving system, CentralParq leads your team through every project from start to finish.

It's your process, in the cloud.

Graphics wrapper

Use the Graphics Wrapper module to quickly create video promo packages. CentralParq can automatically add a pre-defined graphics template to video.

You decide what is standard –
such as your programme name
and the idea, and what needs to
be customised. All you have to
do is add the relevant text to personalise it.

Avid tools

CentralParq works seamlessly
with Avid. You can adjust ISIS Workspace capacity dynamically, control access for Interplay users, and produce all the admin overviews you need for billing ISIS and financial management.

Talent Show Module

There is a secret post-production tool behind some of the world’s most successful TV show formats like ‘The Voice’. The Talent module is a management system that helps the production team manage the content linked to each of the thousands of wannabe stars involved in the show.

It handles all communications with contestants, checks them in for a shoot, and handles the to-do lists of the directors. From auditions to live final shows, content is a click away.